Object library

Use the object library to configure object recognition properties and property weights.

Use the object library, you can configure object recognition properties and the property weights before you record scripts. While recording scripts, the object library is used as a reference for setting object properties and the property weights in the object map. For information about configuring the object recognition properties in the object library, see the related topic on Configuring object properties in the object library.

While you record, the functional test application uses default recognition properties and weights for objects. Test applications might use other properties as key identifiers or use different weights for an object's recognition property. For example, a Java application might require the that the text property that is associated with a javax.swing.JButton object be a recognition property. If you directly add or modify the recognition property of a JButton object using the Object Map Editor, the modification will be limited to that instance of the object only. The next time you record on another JButton object, text property is not included by default. To update all instances of the JButton object, you need not open the Object Map editor. Instead, you can add or modify the object recognition property or its weight using Object Properties Configuration tool.

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