Test object maps

The Functional Tester test object map lists the test objects in the application-under-test. It is a static view that describes test objects known to Functional Tester in the application-under-test.

A test object map can include objects from multiple applications. The test object map provides a quick way to add test objects to a script. Because the test object map contains recognition properties for each object, you can update the information in one location. Any scripts that reference that test object map share the updated information.

When you record a script, Functional Tester creates a test object map (or uses an existing shared map) for the application-under-test. Each script is associated with a test object map file. The map file can be private, associated with only the script (*.rftxmap), or shared between scripts (*.rftmap).

You can merge multiple private or shared test object maps into a single shared test object map.

You can create a new test object map to customize the information associated with a script. You can edit an existing test object map, add objects to the map, delete objects, update the recognition properties or unify two objects in the map. Additionally, you can delete a test object map.

You can insert dynamic objects. A test objects in the object map are in a hierarchy. The hierarchy of the objects may change if new objects are introduced in the test application. This results in a playback failure. Using dynamic test objects you can anchor a test object as a descendant to its parent making the playback resilient to hierarchy changes. Anchoring a test object to its parent will ensure that only direct descendants of the test objects are searched.

You can display a list of scripts associated with a test object map. You can use this list to add test objects to multiple scripts.

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