Locating a test object in the application

You can select an object in the test object map or the Script Explorer and have Functional Tester highlight the object in the application-under-test.

To locate objects in the application:


  1. Start the application. Verify that the page that contains the object is visible.

  2. To highlight the object:

    • In the test object map, select the object to locate and either click the Highlight: Test Object button in the test object map toolbar or click Test Object > Highlight in the test object map menu.

    • In the Script Explorer, right-click the object to locate and click Highlight.

    Functional Tester highlights in the application the object you selected. If Functional Tester finds more than one instance of the test object, you can display neither or the top two candidates.

    If Functional Tester cannot find the object, it displays an error message. Some possible reasons for the error:

    • The application is not running or enabled.

    • The environment is not enabled.

    • The test object is not visible.

    • The recognition properties for the test object no longer reflect the test object in the application.

    To specify various aspects of the highlight window (color, width, flash, and display time), use the Set Highlight Window Preferences dialog box or the Highlight page of the Preferences dialog box.

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