Converting dynamic test object

You can covert an existing mapped object to a dynamic test objects. By converting existing test objects to dynamic test objects you can anchor a test object as a descendant to its parent. This ensures that the playback does not fail even if the hierarchy of a test object in the object map changes.

To convert a mapped object to a dynamic test object:


  1. From the test object map menu, right-click in the test object map, and click Convert To Dynamic Test Object ().

    The administrative property displays an additional descriptionobject property. To convert a dynamic test object to a mapped test object, set the descriptionobject property to false. However, ensure that the test object is a mappable child of its parent. The Convert To Dynamic Test Object window opens.

  2. In the Convert To Dynamic Test Object dialog box, select Select the parent to anchor in the object hierarchy. By selecting Select the parent to anchor in the object hierarchy, you make the new object a descendant of its parent. You can edit the recognition properties by double-clicking the object properties.

  3. Select the object to convert, and click Finish.

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