Merging multiple test object maps

You use the Merge Test Objects into the Test Object Map page to merge multiple private or shared test object maps into a single map.

To merge multiple test object maps:


  1. In the Functional Test Projects view, right-click the shared test object map into which you want to merge test objects and click Merge Objects Into.

  2. On the Merge Test Objects into the Test Object Map page, select the scripts and test object maps that contain the test objects you want to include in the selected test object map. Press and hold Ctrl key to select multiple scripts and test object maps.

  3. If you want to associate the new test object map with the scripts you chose, select Connect selected scripts with selected Test Object Map. Functional Tester updates the selected scripts to point to the newly merged test object map. If you use ClearCase®, Functional Tester checks out the scripts and test object maps as unreserved and leaves them checked out after the merge is complete.

  4. Click Finish. Functional Tester merges test objects from the maps and selected scripts into the test object map.

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