Editing test object descriptions

You can customize the text for test objects displayed in the hierarchy tree of the test object map.

To edit test object descriptions:


  1. Open the test object map that you want to customize.

  2. Click Preferences > Test Object Appearance on Tree.

  3. In the Edit Test Object Appearance dialog box, edit the description string.

    You can add or delete any of the properties of the test object, using the following format for each property you want to add:

    %map: property%:

    where property is the name of the property as it appears in the property sheet for the object. For administrative properties, the actual property name appears in parentheses after the property description in the property column of the administrative properties table.

    For example, you can add the descriptive name to the display.


    It is a good practice to insert between carets (^) any properties that are not common to all objects or that return a null value. This practice ensures that gaps or punctuation marks do not appear in the descriptions of objects that do not have the property, for example.


    This description is not the same as the one used to create test object helper methods in a test script. To change the way test object helper methods are used, see Customizing a Script Template for information.

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