Use ClearCase with test object maps

You can use ClearCase® with shared test object maps and to merge scripts across branches.

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About this task

Merging scripts across branches

About this task

Occasionally, you might find it necessary to merge scripts across branches, for example, when maintaining multiple branches, one for an imminent release and one for an upcoming release. Each Functional Tester script consists of several files. To maintain the integrity of each Functional Tester script, merge the files that make up the script in the correct order.

To merge files:


  1. From the graphical user interface, start the ClearCase Version Tree Browser.

  2. On the command line, use the merge or findmerge commands to merge files in the following order:

    Do not use the Merge Manager. The Merge Manager does not allow you to specify the order to merge files. You must merge files in the following order or the Functional Tester script will not run correctly:

    1. Shared test object map (*.rftmap)

    2. Script definition (resources/*.rftdef)

    3. Script helper file (resources/*

    4. Verification points (resources/*.rftvp)

    5. Script file ( for Functional Tester, Java Scripting, or scriptname.vb for Functional Tester, VB.NET Scripting)

  3. Check in files in the same order that you merge them.

    Do not check in any of the script files until all files are merged.


Functional Tester automatically merges all files except the script java file for Functional Tester, Java Scripting, or scriptname.vb for Functional Tester, VB.NET Scripting. Functional Tester does not merge test datapool files. The last datapool file you check in overrides the previous datapool file you checked in.


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