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Process pending credits

Pending credits occur typically when you use the SimpleOffline payment plug-in and the payment method's configuration in SimpleOfflinePlugin.xml has the keepPendingStatus attribute set to true.

Before you begin

To process a pending credit the user ID must be assigned to one of these roles: CSR, Seller, Customer Service Supervisor, Sales Manager, Operation Manager or Logistics Manager.


  1. Open the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator .

  2. Click Payments > List Installed Payment Plugins . If you do not see this menu, then the logon ID does not have the appropriate authority to perform this task. Contact the Site Administrator.

  3. Select the payment plug-in for which to find pending credits. Click Find Pending Credits. A list page is displayed with pending credit transactions.

  4. Select a transaction in the "crediting" status and click Change.

  5. On the Change Pending Credit page, enter data for the following fields:

    • Transaction Result

    • Processed Amount

    • Reference Number

    • Comments

    Click Next.

  6. On the Change Pending Credit Extended Data page, you can optionally edit extended data if necessary. Click Finish to save the data and to complete the credit transaction.


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