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WebSphere Commerce Accelerator

The WebSphere Commerce Accelerator maintains stores, hubs, and catalogs by completing various store operations, including...

If you are authorized to work with multiple stores, when you log on to the Accelerator, you select the store and language with which to work. If you are authorized to work with a single store, the store name is preselected during logon. If the store supports more than one language, you can select the language with which to work. If you are assigned a role with fulfillment duties, you can also choose the fulfillment center associated with the store when you log on.

To change the store, language, or fulfillment center selection, click the Select icon, found in the upper left corner to display the selection dialog.

Tasks that you are authorized to perform in the role are displayed on the Accelerator home page menus. These tasks are based on user roles, authority levels, and the business model and type of store. To change the access level, contact the Site Administrator.

To return to the Accelerator home page, at any time, click Home near the top of the Accelerator.

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