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Before you begin

On the workstation where you are using WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, set up the display:

Also, disable or remove any pop-up blocking software. Pop-up blocking software prevents the display of WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.

Do not reload a page or return back to a previous page while using the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator. That is, do not use the refresh shortcut (F5) or right-click and select the Refresh or Back options for the browser while using the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator. If you reload a window after you have entered some data, the data will be lost.

Once you have completed the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator tasks, you should log out of the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator so that the session expires, rather than simply closing the browser.

To log out, click Logout from the history (upper left corner of the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator). When you log out, the SSL cookie is dropped and you no longer have secure access to the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator. This is especially important if the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator will be used by multiple users on a single workstation with different authorities since logging out prevents unauthorized access.

Open WebSphere Commerce Accelerator

  1. Start WebSphere Commerce Accelerator:


  2. Start WebSphere Commerce within the WebSphere Commerce development environment.

  3. Open...


    ...where host is the fully-qualified WebSphere Commerce development environment Web server host name. The host name may be a virtual host name on the Web server.

  4. From one of the WebSphere Commerce starter stores, select one of the following links:

    • From an Extended Site hub, or supply chain hub, select Manage Store.

    • From the demand chain hub, select Store Administration.

  5. If you are using the Management Center:

    1. Open the Management Center.

    2. Select...

      Management Center | WebSphere Commerce Accelerator

      The WebSphere Commerce Accelerator opens in a separate browser window. Since you have already logged onto the Management Center:

      • If you already have the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator open, that browser window will be in focus.

      • If you did not have the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator open, we will be taken directly to the Select Store and Language page within the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator. Proceed to step 2b.

  6. Log onto the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator:

    1. From the WebSphere Commerce Logon page, type the WebSphere Commerce user name and password. The default user name and password are both wcsadmin. The Select Store and Language page displays.

      If only one store, one language, and one or no fulfillment center is defined, then the Select Store and Language page does not display. You go directly from the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator logon page to the home page.

    2. Name of the store to work with. If you are authorized to work with a single store, the store name is pre-selected. Otherwise, complete one of the following steps:

      • From the Store name list, select the name of the store.

      • If there are numerous stores to list, the system might prompt you to use the options under Find a store to search for a store:

        1. Under Find a store, in the Store name field, type the all or part of the store name and from the list beside this field, select how you want the system to perform the search.

        2. Click Find.

      • To list all stores you are authorized to work with, select List All.

    3. If you are assigned a role with fulfillment duties, from the Fulfillment center list, select the name of the fulfillment center associated with the store.

    4. From the Language to work in list, select the language in which to administer the store. If you are authorized to work with a single language, the language is preselected. If you are authorized to work with more than one of the WebSphere Commerce supported languages, the store's default language is preselected; however, you can select a different language from this list.

    5. Click OK. The WebSphere Commerce Accelerator home page displays. Select the menu and menu option to work with. If you do not see the menu or menu option, then the logon ID does not have the appropriate authority to perform this task. Contact the Site Administrator.

  7. If you are assigned to work on a workspace task:

    1. Select Tasks > View Tasks.

    2. From the View list, select Active tasks.

    3. Select the task which to work on.

    4. Click Work on.

    This changes the context of the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator session so that changes you make will only be made in the workspace to which the task belongs. Menus displayed in WebSphere Commerce Accelerator are restricted to only those menu options that are workspace-enabled.

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