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Changing the store name and description

You can change the name of the store, or the store description that displays on storefront pages.


  1. Open the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.

  2. Click Store > Change Profile. The Store Profile notebook opens. If you do not see this menu, then the logon ID does not have the appropriate authority to perform this task. Contact the Site Administrator.

  3. From the left navigation frame, click General.

  4. In the Store name field, type the name of the store.

  5. In the Description field, type a description of the store. This field accepts HTML tagging.

  6. To complete another task in the Store Profile notebook, click the appropriate page in the left navigation frame. If not, click OK to save the settings and return to the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator home page.

  7. If you opened the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator from the Management Center:

    1. Log out of the Management Center.

    2. Close the browser.

    3. Open a browser and log on to the Management Center.
    The changes you made are visible in the Management Center.

  8. If the store supports multiple languages:

    1. Change the store name and description in one of the supported languages by completing steps 1 to 6 above.

    2. To return to the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator home page:

      • Click Select , or

      • In the breadcrumb trail, select Home. The home page displays.

    3. In the home page, from the Language field, select another language that the store supports. Click OK.

    4. Change the store name and description (repeat steps 2 to 6 above), inputting the information in the selected language.

    5. Repeat for each language the store supports.

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