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WebSphere Commerce Accelerator user interface

The WebSphere Commerce Accelerator interface consists of several notebooks, wizards, dialogs, and lists to help you complete the tasks. A Help link is included in the upper left corner to open help for each page.

The WebSphere Commerce Accelerator also tracks the pages you have visited as you complete a task from each menu. This is displayed in at the top of the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator. The Home, Logout, and current page links always display in the trail, but the items in between may be progressively removed and replaced by ellipses to accommodate the history display area.

To return to an earlier point in the task, click the corresponding link. When you select a menu option or click an action button in the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator, a progress indicator displays. Once the action is complete, the trail is updated to display the appropriate page name.

Notebooks and wizards consist of a series of pages. A notebook opens when you change existing information in the WebSphere Commerce system, such as a customer segment, or a product price.

To navigate a notebook, use the links on the left side. Click OK to save changes on each page and to close the notebook. You can use one or more pages in a notebook, and you do not have to progress sequentially. As you progress through a wizard, the left side dynamically refreshes to indicate where you are in the creation process.

A wizard opens when you create new information, such as a new customer order, or a new product campaign.

To navigate a wizard, use the Next and Previous buttons. Unlike a notebook, progress through a wizard sequentially. When you have completed the pages within a wizard, click Finish to save the changes and close the wizard. The Finish button displays when you have supplied sufficient information to complete the task at hand, and is also always on the last page of a wizard. If you do not want to save the information, click Cancel for either a notebook or a wizard. If you navigate using the history and have not saved the information, a warning message displays to indicate that the information will be lost.

Dialogs are single pages that allow you to input information to complete a task. For example, a search dialog contains search criteria fields. Provide the appropriate information and click Find. Search results display as a list. You can perform the following tasks with a list:

Once you have completed the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator tasks, you should log out of the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator so that the session expires, rather than simply closing the browser.

To log out, click Logout from the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator history. When you log out, the SSL cookie is dropped and you no longer have secure access to the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator. This is especially important if the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator will be used by multiple users on a single workstation with different authorities since logging out prevents unauthorized access.

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