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Customer service roles

The following customer service roles are supported by WebSphere Commerce:

The Demand chain, Supply chain and Extended sites business models do not provide Customer service roles. For these business models use the Seller role instead.

The following table describes each role and the business model each role can work within.

Role Description Business model
Customer Service Representative No matter how well an online business is designed to provide a customer with self-service features, there will be some types of customers or some occasions when even the most Web-literate customer will require personal contact. Most online businesses provide an e-mail, fax or contact number for the customer to obtain direct service. It is the responsibility of the customer service representative to handle all inquiries from the customer. B2B direct
Consumer direct
Customer Service Supervisor This role has access to all customer service tasks. The Customer Service Supervisor manages customer inquiries (such as customer registration, orders, returns, and auctions) and has authority to complete tasks that cannot be accessed by a Customer Service Representative, such as approving system-denied returns records, and contacting customers regarding payment exceptions (such as credit card authorization failures). B2B direct
Consumer direct

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