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Install eXtreme Scale or eXtreme Scale Client with WAS


You can install eXtreme Scale or eXtreme Scale Client in an environment in which WAS or WAS ND is installed using the existing features of WAS or WAS ND to enhance your eXtreme Scale applications.

Before you begin

You can download the eXtreme Scale Client for your platform from the downloads section on the Support site.

When you install eXtreme Scale or eXtreme Scale Client, it should be in the same directory in which you installed WAS. For example, if you installed WAS in WAS_ROOT, then you should also choose WAS_ROOT as the target directory for the eXtreme Scale or eXtreme Scale Client installation.

Integrate eXtreme Scale with WAS or WAS ND to apply the features of eXtreme Scale to the JEE applications.

Java EE applications host data grids and access the data grids using a client connection.

Install eXtreme Sacle

  1. To install the client only or both the server and client...


    To install the client...


    The installation files are in the zip file downloaded from the downloads section on the Support site.

    If you use uniform naming conventions (UNC) to identify file paths in the installation command, the items you anticipate installing may not all be installed after the command runs.

    To avoid trouble, map the file path to a network drive. Run the install command against the mapped drive. Using a mapped network drive ensures that all the items are installed.

  2. Follow the prompts in the wizard.

    The optional features panel lists the features from which you can choose to install. However, features cannot be added incrementally to the product environment after the product is installed. If you choose not to install a feature with the initial product installation, uninstall and reinstall the product to add the feature.

    The Profile augmentation panel lists existing profiles that you can select to augment with the features of eXtreme Scale. If you select existing profiles that are already in use, however, a warning panel is displayed.

    To continue with the installation, either stop the servers that are configured in the profiles, or click Back to remove the profiles from the selection.


[Windows] When installing the eXtreme Scale Client on Windows, you might see the following text in the results of the installation:

Success: The installation of the following product was successful:   
WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client.  Some configuration steps have errors. 
For more information, refer to the following log file:  
Review the installation log (log.txt) and review the deployment manager 
augmentation log. 

If you see a failure with the file, you can ignore the error. This error does not cause any problems.

What to do next

If you are running WAS v6.1 or v7.0, you can use the Profile Management Tool plug-in or the manageprofiles command. If you are running WAS v6.0.2, use the wasprofile command to create and augment profiles.

Deploy the application.

Start the catalog service and the containers

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