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WebSphere eXtreme Scale is an in-memory data grid that you can use to dynamically partition, replicate, and manage application data and business logic across multiple servers.

Before installing...

  1. Establish how WebSphere eXtreme Scale fits into the current topology.
  2. Verify that the environment meets the prerequisites to install eXtreme Scale.

For eXtreme Scale v7.1, there are two installation types...

Supported environments

You are not required to install and deploy eXtreme Scale on a specific level of operating system. Each J2SE and JEE installation requires different operating system levels or fixes.

You can install and deploy the product in JEE and J2SE environments. You can also bundle the client component with JEE applications directly without integrating with WAS. eXtreme Scale supports Java Runtime Environment (JRE) v1.4.2 and later and WAS v6.0.2 and later.

Although you are not required to use a specific level of hardware or operating system for WebSphere eXtreme Scale, a detailed list of formally supported hardware and software options by operating system is available on the Systems Requirements page of the product support site. If there is a conflict between the information provided in the information center and the information on the System Requirements page, the information at the Web site takes precedence. Prerequisite information in the information center is provided as a convenience only.

For more information on environments and other requirements, consult the topic Plan the eXtreme Scale environment or Operational checklist.

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