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Hardware and software requirements

A detailed list of formally supported hardware and software options by operating system is available on the Systems Requirements page of the product support site.

WebSphere eXtreme Scale does not require a specific level of hardware. The hardware requirements are dependent on the supported hardware for the Java Platform, Standard Edition installation that you use to run WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

If you are using eXtreme Scale with WAS or another JEE implementation, the hardware requirements of these platforms are sufficient for WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Operating system requirements

Web browser requirements

The web console supports the following Web browsers:

WAS requirements

eXtreme Scale clients and servers running in a distributed environment and local in-memory ObjectGrids are supported on WAS v6.0.2 and later.

To use the dynamic cache provider, the system must meet one of the following minimum requirements:

Other application server requirements

Other Java EE implementations can use the eXtreme Scale run time as a local instance or as a client to eXtreme Scale servers.

To implement Java SE, use v1.4.2 or later.

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Plan the WebSphere eXtreme Scale environment

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