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JEE considerations

A Java EE application can connect to a remote eXtreme Scale application. Additionally, the WAS environment supports starting an eXtreme Scale server as an application starts in the application server.

If you use an XML file to create an ObjectGrid instance, and the XML file is in the module of the EAR file, access the file by using the method...

getClass().getClassLoader().getResource("META-INF/objGrid.xml") obtain a URL object to use to create an ObjectGrid instance. Substitute the name of the XML file that you are using in the method call.

Use startup beans for an application to bootstrap an ObjectGrid instance when the application starts, and to destroy the instance when the application stops. A startup bean is a stateless session bean with a remote location...

...and a remote interface...

The remote interface has two methods:

Use the start method to bootstrap the instance, and use the stop method to destroy the instance. The application uses the ObjectGridManager.getObjectGrid method to maintain a reference to the instance.

Use class loaders

When application modules that use different class loaders share a single ObjectGrid instance in a Java EE application, verify the objects that are stored in eXtreme Scale and the plug-ins for the product are in a common Loader in the application.

Manage the life cycle of ObjectGrid instances in a servlet

To manage the life cycle of an ObjectGrid instance in a servlet, you can use the init method to create the instance and the destroy method to remove the instance. If the instance is cached, it is retrieved and manipulated in the servlet code.

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