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View statistics with the web console

You can monitor statistics and other performance information with the web console.

Before you begin

Before you can view statistics with the web console, complete the following tasks:

  1. Start the web console server. See Start and logging in to the web console for more information.

  2. Connect the catalog servers to the web console server. See Connect the web console to catalog servers for more information.

  3. Run active data grids and applications within the servers that are managed by the catalog service domain.

After you create the data grids and configure the applications to use the data grids, allow some time to pass for the statistics to become available. For example, with a dynamic cache data grid, statistics are not available until a WAS that is running a dynamic cache connects to the dynamic cache. In general, wait up to one minute after a major configuration change to see the changes in the statistics.

Tip: To view more specific information about any data point in a chart, you can move the mouse pointer over the data point.


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