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Uninstall WebSphere eXtreme Scale

To remove WebSphere eXtreme Scale from your environment, you can use the wizard or you can silently uninstall the product.

Before you begin

Attention: The uninstaller removes all binary files and all maintenance, such as fix packs and interim fixes, at the same time.


  1. Stop all processes that are running eXtreme Scale.


    Ensure that any running processes are stopped. If the running processes are not stopped, the uninstallation proceeds, creating unpredictable results and leaving the uninstallation in an undetermined state on some platforms.

    • If you installed stand-alone eXtreme Scale, read about stopping stand-alone servers to stop processes.

    • If you installed eXtreme Scale with an existing installation of WebSphere Application Server, read about command-line utilities for more information about stopping WebSphere Application Server processes.

  2. Uninstall the product. You can run the uninstallation in a GUI or silently.

    When specifying the responsefile wxssetup.response file for silent or GUI uninstall or installations, the fully qualified path must always be specified. The responsefile is optional for the GUI uninstallation.

    • To run the uninstallation using the GUI:

      • [Linux][Unix] <install_home>/uninstall_wxs/uninstall

      • [Windows] <install_home>\uninstall_wxs\uninstall.exe

      To run the uninstallation using the GUI and the wxssetup.response file, use one of the following commands:

      • [Linux][Unix]

        <install_home>/uninstall_wxs/uninstall -options 

      • [Windows]

        <install_home>\uninstall_wxs\uninstall.exe -options 

    • To run the uninstallation silently using the responsefile wxssetup.response script:

      • [Linux][Unix]

        <install_home>/uninstall_wxs/uninstall -options 
        <full_install_path_required>/wxssetup.response -silent

      • [Windows]

        <install_home>\uninstall_wxs\uninstall.exe -options 
        <full_install_path_required>\wxssetup.response -silent 


You removed eXtreme Scale from your environment.

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