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eXtreme Scale Installation parameters


Specify parameters at the command line to customize and configure the product installation.

You must specify the fully-qualified response file name. Specifying the relative path causes the installation to fail with no indication that an error occurred.

You can pass the following parameters during a command-line or options file installation of the product:


Suppress the GUI.

Specify the -options parameter to indicate that the installer completes the installation according to a customized options file. If you do not specify the -options parameter, the default values are used instead.

For example...

./ -silent -options options_file.txt

-options path_name/file_name

Options file that the installer uses to complete a silent installation. Properties on the command line take precedence.

./ -options c:/path_name/options_file.txt

-log # !file_name @event_type

Generate an installation log file that logs the following event types:

  • err
  • wrn
  • msg1
  • msg2
  • dbg
  • ALL

For example...

./ -log # !c:/temp/logfiles.txt @ALL

-is:log path_name/file_name

Create a log file that contains the JVM searches of the installer while attempting to start the GUI. The log file is not created unless specified.

For example...

./ -is:log c:/logs/javalog.txt


Display a console window during the installation process.

For example...

./ -is:javaconsole


Suppress the Java initialization window that is displayed as the installer starts.

For example...

./ -is:silent

-is:tempdir path_name

Temporary directory that the installer uses during the installation.

For example...

./ -is:tempdir c:/temp

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