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Create and augment profiles for WebSphere eXtreme Scale


After you install the product, create unique types of profiles and augment existing profiles for WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Augmenting profiles for use with WebSphere eXtreme Scale is optional, but is required in the following usage scenarios:

Run within WAS v6.0.2

If the environment contains WAS v6.0.2, use the wasprofile command to create or augment profiles for eXtreme Scale as shown in the following example:

cd was_root/bin
./ -augment 
                -profileName dmgr_01 
                -templatePath "/WAS70/AppServer/profileTemplates/xs_augment/dmgr"

Run within WAS v6.1 or Version 7.0

If the environment contains WAS v6.1 or Version 7.0, you can use the Profile Management Tool plug-in or the manageprofiles command to create and augment profiles.

What to do next

Depending on which task you choose to complete, launch the First steps console for assistance with configuring and testing your product environment. The First steps console is in...


You can also create or augment additional profiles by repeating any of the preceding tasks.

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Install eXtreme Scale or eXtreme Scale Client with WAS

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