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Use the graphical user interface to augment profiles


After you install the product, you can augment an existing profile to make it compatible with WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Before you begin

If you are running WAS v6.0.2 or WAS ND v6.0.2, use the wasprofile command to create or augment a profile for WebSphere eXtreme Scale as shown in the following example:

cd was_root/bin/
./ -augment 
                -profileName dmgr_01 
                -templatePath "/WAS70/AppServer/profileTemplates/xs_augment/dmgr"

When you augment an existing profile, you change the profile by applying a product-specific augmentation template.


Use the Profile Management Tool GUI to augment profiles for eXtreme Scale.

cd was_root/bin/ProfileManagement

What to do next

You can augment additional profiles.

cd was_root/bin/ProfileManagement

Start a catalog service, start containers, and configure TCP ports in the WAS environment.

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Create and augment profiles for WebSphere eXtreme Scale

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