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Manage contracts

Manage a contract involves tasks that take the contract from creation to the end of the contract's life cycle. The various tasks involved in managing a contract are performed by different roles.

  1. An account representative assigned to work with the buyer organization creates a new contract.

  2. When the contract is complete and the account representative has checked the contract by viewing a summary of the contract, the account representative submits the contract for approval. When the contract is submitted, an e-mail notice is sent to the sales manager.

  3. The sales manager checks the list of approval requests awaiting approval and approves or rejects the contract. The sales manager can add comments. If the contract is rejected, the account representative can:

  4. If the contract is approved, the contract is automatically deployed. The terms and conditions in the deployed contract take effect on the start date of the contract.

  5. If deployment of the contract fails, the sales manager or account representative can redeploy the contract.

  6. There is no specific order to the tasks required to manage a contract once it is deployed. The following tasks are used to manage a contract, once it has been deployed, using the Business Relationship Management tools available in the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator:

Before you begin

Before creating a new contract for a buyer organization, the buyer organization must have a business account with the store. For information about managing a business account, see Managing a business account.


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