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Create a contract using WebSphere Commerce Accelerator

Create a new contract using the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator creates a contract in the draft state. This contract will then go through any approval process defined for the store.

To create a new contract in either the approved or active state, import the contract from an XML file.

Before you begin

In previous releases of WebSphere Commerce, the Contract notebook included the Products and Prices and Selection Constraints pages; these have been replaced with the Catalog Filter page. If you have existing contracts that use the old product and pricing terms and conditions, then add the pages back into the Contract notebook by editing the WC_INSTALL/wc.ear/xml/tools/contract/ContractNotebook.xml and removing the two lines that say "REMOVE THIS LINE TO ADD THE PRODUCTS, PRICING, AND SELECTION CONSTRAINTS PAGES INTO THE NOTEBOOK".

When you add products or categories to the Percentage Pricing page of the Contracts notebook, WebSphere Commerce automatically makes all products in the master catalog available in the contract at standard prices.


  1. Open the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.

  2. Click Sales > Accounts. The Account List page displays, containing business accounts currently defined for the selected store. If you do not see this menu, then the logon ID does not have the appropriate authority to perform this task. Contact the Site Administrator.

  3. Select the check box to the left of the business account that to create a new contract for. Click New Contract. This will open the Contract notebook.

  4. Complete the fields for each page as required, and use the links on the left side to switch between pages.

  5. Click OK to save the contract and close the notebook. The contract is displayed in the Contract List page.


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