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Use the IBM Sales Center to create an order for a new or existing customer by beginning with a new order. Alternatively, you can create a new order based on the information in an existing order or quote. You can also modify many of the details in an existing order (such as item quantities, shipping addresses, payment methods, and so on) after the order is submitted but before all items in the order have been fulfilled. In addition, you can view and work with merchandising associations related to the items in an order as well as view marketing promotions that might be of interest to the customer.

You can also create guest orders for consumer direct customers who have not or do not want to register with the consumer direct store. You can identify existing customers or create new customers and associate them with the guest order once it has been created. You can submit the guest order, but once it is submitted, you cannot associate it with a registered customer. More than one guest order per guest customer can be created. Guest orders cannot be created in a B2B store.

Blocks can be placed on an order either automatically or manually, and you can work with these blocks to resolve any issues preventing an order from being fulfilled. A Customer Service Representative can resolve manual blocks, but automatic blocks must be removed by an authorized administrator using the WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.

Items within an order can be expedited on behalf of a customer. If an item is expedited, then it will be shipped and released as soon as available. This is useful when one or more items is backordered, to ensure that the expedited items will shipped first.

The status of any order on which you are working is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the IBM Sales Center. An order can be in any one of the following states:


The order has been started, but it has not yet been submitted for processing.

Pending payment authorization

The order has been submitted and is being processed, but it has not yet been fulfilled.


The order is being edited.


All order items in the order have been shipped.


The order has been canceled.

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