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Views support editors and provide alternative presentations as well as ways to navigate information. There are several views available in the IBM Sales Center and each provides easy access to certain functions. Some functions of ticklers and promotional items are only available through a view. A perspective might have one or more views open by default; however, any number of views can be open at the same time, but only one view can be active.

Views have their own toolbars and some views have a context menu. The toolbar icons on the top right of the view represent actions that only affect the items within that view. The context menu, if available, is accessed by right-clicking inside the view (Shift + F10). Context-menu actions might be applied to all items in the view or to selected items.

The following are views in the IBM Sales Center:


Displays open stores, customers, orders, and quotes. With this view you can quickly navigate to make multitasking easy.

Marketing Promotions

Displays store-wide and order-wide promotions. These promotions are automatically applied to an order once the promotional criteria has been met. For example, a merchant might offer a 25% discount off of shipping if the order total is over $1000.00.

Merchandising Associations

Displays additional or optional products for you to suggest to the customer when you add certain products to an order. These associated products are:

  • Up-sell-a more expensive product in the same product line.

  • Cross-sell-a related or complementary product.


Displays all active ticklers, and they can be sorted by any column heading. A tickler is a note that displays to warn you about an action or remind you to take action. From this view, you can create new ticklers and act on existing ones.

Web Browser

Allows you to access the Internet or intranet depending on the access rights.

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