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The user interface for the IBM Sales Center contains the following icons.

Icon Name   Icon Name
Accessory   Find Product
Add Product to Order or Quote   Find Quote
Allocated   Forward
Assign Tickler   Go
B2B Customer   Help
B2B Direct Store   Home
Change Product   Installation Wizard
Consumer Direct Customer   Logoff
Consumer Direct Store   Logon
Backordered   New Address
Backward   New Application
Bundle   Not Allocated
Calendar   Open Store
Carrier Account   Order
Password   Order Capture
Close Store   Organization
Configure   Package
Create B2B Customer   Product
Create Consumer Direct Customer   Product Attributes
Create Comment   Product Description
Create Order   Product Inventory
Create Organization   Quote
Create Quote   Refresh
Create Tickler   Refresh Ticklers
Cross-sell   Remove
Customer   Select Contract
Delete Comment   Select Store
Down-sell   Ship Together
Dynamic Kit   Ship Instructions
Edit B2B Customer Profile   Sort Comments
Edit Consumer Direct Customer Profile   Stop
Edit Comment   Store
Edit Order   Stores view
Edit Organization   Tie All Items
Edit Product   Tie Items
Edit Quote   Untie All Items
Filter Comments   Untie Item
Filter Ticklers   Untie Items
Find Customer   Untie One Item
Find Order   Up-sell
Find Organization   Work on Tickler

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