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Add a new payment or refund method


If you are adding a new payment method or refund method, update the WebSphere Commerce database tables that contain information about the payment methods or refund methods that the store will use. The business policy tables do not contain information about the type of payment or refund actions or rules the Payments subsystem will use. They identify the payment and refund methods.

The payment and refund actions are defined by configuring XML files.

Whenever a new payment or refund method is added to a store, a business policy with the Payment or ReturnPayment type must be created in the business POLICY table (with corresponding entries in the POLICYDESC table), and the POLICYCMD table will be inserted a set of payment policy commands.

For every new entry added to the POLICY table, the value for the Business Policy Name field must match the payment (or refund) method ID configured in payment rules...


  1. If the Payment methods is not supported, create a new payment or refund method configuration for the payment or refund method in...

  2. Configure payment rules to use with the payment method or refund method by editing PaymentMappings.xml.

  3. Create a new business policy.

  4. For B2B direct stores, set up any necessary payment terms and conditions.

  5. Modify the store JSP page to use JSP code snippets that support the payment methods.

    Generally, a new payment method will require a new JSP code snippet.

  6. Configure the payment plug-in you intend to use.

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