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PaymentMappings XML file


Edit PaymentMappings.xml to...

  1. Set the mapping from payment method to payment method configuration and payment actions.
  2. Set the payment rule a payment method uses.

You cannot change the payment rules associated with refund methods because the rules are not configurable for refund methods.

This file is located in...

Figure 1. Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<PaymentMappings xmlns:xsi=""

<Mapping paymentMethod="VISA"
         paymentActionRule="Early Approval" />     

    <Mapping paymentMethod="Check" 
             paymentActionRule="Early Deposit" />



paymentMethod The name of the payment method. It is defined in the POLICY table as the value of the column POLICYNAME for the Payment business policies.
paymentConfiguration The payment method configuration applied to the payment method.
paymentActionRule Payment rule that applies to the payment method. This file can contain multiple payment method mappings.

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