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RefundMethodConfigurations XML file

Use the RefundMethodConfigurations.xml file to configure refund method details.

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The configuration details include information about the refund method name and back-end payment system.

In this example, details are configured for a credit card payment method.

Example: Credit card configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<RefundMethodConfigurations xmlns:xsi=""

    <RefundMethodConfiguration name="CreditCardOffline"
                               paymentSystemName="SimpleOffline" />




The name of the refund configuration.


The name of the payment back-end system. The payment system name should be consistent with a payment system name in PaymentSystemPluginMapping.xml.

In the preceding example, SimpleOffline is a payment system name mapped to SimpleOffline plug-in in PaymentSystemPluginMapping.xml.

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