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Configure Java EE Connector connection factories in the administrative console

To access an enterprise information system (EIS), configure connection factories, which instantiate resource adapter classes for establishing and maintaining resource connections. An application component uses a connection factory to access a connection instance, which the component then uses to connect to the underlying enterprise information system (EIS). Examples of connections include database connections, JMS connections, and SAP R/3 connections.


  1. Click Resources > Resource Adapters > Resource adapters .

  2. In the Resource adapters panel, select the resource adapter to configure.

  3. From the Additional Properties heading, click J2C connection factories.

    1. Click New.

    2. Specify any properties for the connection factory in the General Properties panel.

    3. Select the authentication preference.

    4. Select the aliases for Component-managed authentication, Container-managed authentication, or both. Some choices for the mapping-configuration alias do not use a container-managed authentication alias, so you will not be able to select a container-managed alias if one of those mapping-configuration aliases is selected.

      If we have defined security domains in the application server, you can click Browse... to select an authentication alias for the resource that you are configuring. Security domains allow you to isolate authentication aliases between servers. The tree view is useful in determining the security domain to which an alias belongs, and the tree view can help you determine the servers that will be able to access each authentication alias. The tree view is tailored for each resource, so domains and aliases are hidden when you cannot use them.

      If the resource adapter supports XA, an option for Authentication alias for XA recovery will be available. If there are no aliases that are available, or to define a different alias:

      1. Click Apply to save the current settings.

      2. Click JAAS - J2C authentication data from the Related Items heading.

      3. Click New.
      4. Define the properties for the alias in General Properties.

      5. Click OK.

    5. Click OK.

  4. Click the name of the J2C connection factory that you created.

  5. From the Additional Properties heading, click Connection pool properties.

    1. Change any values by clicking the property name. For more information on the settings for connection pools, read the topic Tuning connection pools, or the topic, Connection pool settings.

    1. Click OK.

  6. Click Custom properties from the Additional Properties heading.

    1. Click any property name to change its value. If the UserName and Password properties are defined, they will be overridden by the component-managed authentication alias specified in the previous step.

    2. Click Save.

  7. Restart the Deployment Manager and the node agent for the changes to take effect.


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