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Security domains collection

Security domains provide a mechanism to use different security settings for administrative applications and user applications. They also provide the ability to support multiple security settings so different application servers can use different security attributes like user registry or login configurations. From the console...

   Security > Security domains.

Read about Multiple security domains for a better understanding of what multiple security domains are and how they are supported in this version of WAS.

Maximum rows

Maximum number of rows that display when the collection is large. The rows that are not displayed appear on the next page.

The default is 20. Rows that exceed the maximum number display on subsequent pages.

Retain filter criteria

Whether to use the same filter criteria entered in the show filter function to display this page the next time you visit it.

Copy selected domain

Select to copy a selected domain from the collection (a new name is required)

Copy global security

Select to create a domain with a copy of the global security settings (collection selections are ignored). A domain name is required.


Configure security domains
Security custom properties


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