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Use the administrative console

We can install, start, and access the administrative console. We can also specify console preferences and access help.

The administrative console is a Web-based tool that you use to manage the product. The administrative console supports a full range of product administrative activities.

Unfederated application servers, admin agents, dmgrs, and job managers can have their own administrative consoles. The steps in this task apply to these consoles. For federated application servers, the administrative console belongs to the dmgr.


  1. Optionally install the administrative console through the wsadmin command.

  2. Start the server for the appropriate administrative console.

    Issue the startServer command for an unfederated application server, an admin agent, or a job manager. Issue the StartManager command for a dmgr. The administrative console application starts automatically when you start the server to which the administrative console belongs.

  3. Access the administrative console.
  4. Specify console preferences.
  5. Access help.


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Console identity string


startServer command
startManager command


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