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J2C Connection Factories collection

Use this page to view Java 2 Connector (J2C) connection factories, which represent sets of connection configuration values.

Application components such as enterprise beans have resource reference descriptors that refer to the connection factory, not the resource adapter. The connection factory is really a configuration properties list holder. In addition to the arbitrary set of configuration properties defined by the vendor of the resource adapter, there are several standard configuration properties that apply to the connection factory. These standard properties are used by the Java 2 Connectors connection pool manager in the application server run time and are not known by the vendor-supplied resource adapter code.

We can access this administrative console page in one of two ways:


Display name of a connection factory.

Information Value
Data type String

JNDI name

JNDI name of this connection factory.

Information Value
Data type String


Scope of the connection factory. Only applications that are installed within this scope can use this connection factory.


Resource adapter that WAS uses for this connection factory.


Text description of this connection factory.

Information Value
Data type String

Connection factory interface

Fully qualified name of the interface that provides the implementation class for the connection factory.


String that you can use to classify or group this connection factory.

Information Value
Data type String


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