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Administer Data access resources

This page provides a starting point for finding information about data access. Various enterprise information systems (EIS) use different methods for storing data. These backend data stores might be relational databases, procedural transaction programs, or object-oriented databases.

The flexible IBM WAS provides several options for accessing an information system backend data store:

Service Data Objects (SDO) simplify the programmer experience with a universal abstraction for messages and data, whether the programmer thinks of data in terms of XML documents or Java objects. For programmers, SDOs eliminate the complexity of the underlying data access technology such as, JDBC, RMI/IIOP, JAX-RPC, and JMS, and message transport technology such as,, DOM Objects, SOAP, and JMS.

End-to-end paths for Data access resources
Migrate Data access resources
Data access resources
Scripting for data access resources
Establishing high availability for Data access resources
Secure Data access resources
Develop Data access resources
Tune Data access resources
Troubleshoot Data access resources


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