IBM Rational Functional Tester and IBM Rational Quality Manager

Rational Functional Tester can be integrated with IBM Rational Quality Manager. You can execute the functional test scripts from IBM Rational Quality Manager.

Rational Functional Tester can be integrated with IBM Rational Quality Manager using an adapter. The functional test adapter is installed by default when you install IBM Rational Functional Tester. After installing Rational Functional Tester , configure and run the adapter. The adapter receives messages from IBM Rational Quality Manager and runs functional test scripts when requested from a user through the IBM Rational Quality Manager. After test run, the adapter uploads the execution log to the IBM Rational Quality Manager server.

Test scripts are created and associated with keywords using Rational Functional Tester . These keywords are created and defined in IBM Rational Quality Manager. You can manage and execute functional test scripts and view test logs from IBM Rational Quality Manager.

You can use BuildForge to remotely install Rational Functional Tester . The administrator can use the BuildForgeScripts project provided with Rational Functional Tester to install Rational Functional Tester on a remote machine and configure the Functional Tester adapter for Quality Manager integration.

The Build Forge sample scripts are located at functional tester installation directory\SDP\FunctionalTester\RQMAdapter\RTLM_BuildForgeScripts.

For information on installing IBM Rational Functional Tester using Build Forge sample scripts see the rtlm_rft_doc.html document at functional tester installation directory\SDP\FunctionalTester\RQMAdapter\RTLM_BuildForgeScripts\Docs.

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