View keywords created in IBM Rational Quality Manager

In Functional Tester, you can record and then associate functional test scripts with the keywords that are created in IBM Rational Quality Manager. You can log on to the IBM Rational Quality Manager to view keywords. You can playback the functional test script from IBM Rational Quality Manager.

To log on to IBM Rational Quality Manager server:


  1. In the Keyword View, click Logon to RQM .

  2. In the Logon to Rational Quality Manager dialog box:

    1. Type the URL in the RQM repository field. For example: If IBM Rational Quality Manager is running in the local machine, type https://localhost:9443/jazz in the RQM repository field.

    2. Type a valid username and password in the Username and Password fields.

    3. Click Finish.

  3. Click Get Keywords . The connected projects keyword list is displayed in the keyword view.

    1. To select a project area, click ProjectArea list. The keywords pertaining to the selected project area only is displayed.

    2. Click Get Keywords.

    1. Optional: To search for keywords that have a specific tag, type the tag in the Search by tag field.

    2. Optional: Click Get Keywords.

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