Rational Quality Manager details in Rational Functional Tester scripts

You can pass arguments from IBM Rational Quality Manager while running a IBM Rational Functional Tester script.

You can pass the following types of details while running functional test scripts from Rational Quality Manager:

Additionally, details about the Rational Quality Manager execution task can be passed to the functional test script so that information about the Rational Quality Manager test cases can be accessed during the script execution.

To access the execution task details within the testMain() method in a functional test script, get the path to the XML file that describes the Rational Quality Manager execution task.

In the functional test script, add String path = System.getProperty("rqm.task") to get the path of the XML file.

See to the XML Representation of an adapter Task section on the http://open-services.net/bin/view/Main/QmExecutionAdapter Web page for information about the schema of the execution task that is represented in this file.

This file points to other resources for other Rational Quality Manager assets such as test cases. You can find the schemas for the other resources on the same site. Using the data in this XML file, you can communicate with Rational Quality Manager.


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