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Extended Sites starter store

Use the Extended Sites starter store to get started on setting up a extended sites solution that will allow the selling organization to provide unique storefronts for different enterprise customers or showcase a number of branded storefronts.

The three main components of an extended sites solution are...

Creation and management of the extended sites is done through the hub.

Extended sites can share much of the data, such as...

All features of the advanced B2B direct starter store, such as buyer registration, approvals, and account management, also apply in an extended site.

Extended stores based on Madisons will get all the Madisons starter store features

Extended stores based on Elite will get all the Elite starter store features.

Extended stores based on consumer direct will get all the consumer direct features

Extended stores based on advanced B2B direct will get all the advanced B2B direct features.

The extended sites starter stores provides all the pages and features necessary for a functioning extended site solution. It is packaged with WebSphere Commerce as a store archive. All that is required to view the starter store is to publish the archive to the WebSphere Commerce Server using the publishing tool provided in the Administration Console. All extended sites starter store pages use JavaServer Pages and XML to load the necessary data and can be customized.

The Extended Sites starter store does not have an actual storefront until the extended sites themselves (the stores) are created using WebSphere Commerce Accelerator.

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