Samples gallery

The samples gallery illustrates WebSphere Commerce functions by using code samples and JSP code snippets.

Use the samples gallery to:

  • Learn more about WebSphere Commerce

  • See best practices through the use of scenarios

WebSphere Commerce provides two types of stores for you to use:

starter stores

A fully functional sample online store, provided in store archive format with WebSphere Commerce. Starter stores are samples designed to be used as a base from which a customized online store can be created. Starter stores are translated into several languages and are accessible.

sample stores

A sample store is for learning purposes, many tutorials use sample stores. Do not use a sample store as the base for the site. Sample stores might not be accessible or translated.

JSP code snippets illustrate a specific WebSphere Commerce feature. The snippet is a Javaless JSP fragment that you can use to add functionality to a store.

The samples gallery is updated regularly with new samples.

Note that all samples are provided to you as is. Samples are furnished by IBM as simple examples and have not been thoroughly tested under all conditions. IBM, therefore, cannot guarantee a sample's reliability, serviceability or functionality.



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