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Enable the Dynamic Cache Monitor

WebSphere Application Server provides a Dynamic Cache Monitor application for displaying...

To use the cache monitor, install the CacheMonitor.ear Web application. Once the CacheMonitor.ear Web application is installed, restart the application server and Web server.

Open one dynamic cache monitor for every WCS instance.

To use the Cache Monitor and you have WebSphere Application Server EJB security enabled, perform some additional security configuration for the Dynamic Cache Monitor.


  1. Install the cache monitor in order to inspect the contents and behavior of the WebSphere Application Server dynamic cache.

  2. Open the cache monitor using one of the following methods:

    • Access using a Web browser with...


    • For more secure access, IBM recommends that you access the Administration host machine...


    For example, if the virtual host VH_instance_admin is used for installing the Cache Monitor, then the Cache Monitor can be accessed as:



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