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Remote request dispatcher

Remote Request Dispatcher (RRD) is a pluggable extension to the web container for application frameworks, servlets, and JSP to include content from outside of the current JVM for the resource, as part of the response sent to the client.

Remote request dispatcher is an extensible infrastructure for other components and stack products to add custom extensions like generators and handlers, to the RRD extension. The remote request dispatcher extension enhances the standard Java EE javax.servlet.RequestDispatcher implementation to be aware of locating remote resources using web services to communicate between machines within a WAS ND (ND) core group. The remote request dispatcher extension reports any errors that occur on the remote server back to the originating server. It can also use SSL for secure communications and WS-Security security context propagation between servers. See the rrdSecurity.props file topic for more information.

RRD portlet support carries forward the remote request dispatcher concept to portlets and enhances the portlet container for invocation of portlets outside of the current JVM resource.

By using the RRD extension, you can share request load across multiple machines and JVMs by including remote servers within the cell. If RRD resource is memory or processor intensive, the calling resource is not affected as much as a standard RequestDispatcher running within the same JVM. RRD solves this problem by separating resources into a different JVM.


Application extension registry
Configure web applications to service remote includes
Configure web applications to dispatch remote includes


Remote request dispatcher considerations
plugin.xml file
Install enterprise application files with the console
Remote dispatcher property settings
rrdSecurity.props file


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