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Configure web applications to dispatch remote includes

We can configure web modules in an application as remote request dispatcher clients to dispatch include requests to resources across web modules that are in different Java virtual machines in a managed node environment through the standard request dispatcher. We must have WAS ND installed to use remote request dispatcher function. You should also familiarize yourself the limitations of remote request dispatcher. See article, Remote request dispatcher considerations for details. We can also configure this property when you install the application installation. See Install enterprise application files with the console


  1. In the admin console, click Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications > application_name > Request dispatcher properties.

  2. Select Allow dispatching includes to remote resources.


Web modules included in this application are enabled as remote request dispatcher clients that can dispatch remote includes.

What to do next

We must enable remote request dispatcher on both the remote server and local server to use remote request dispatcher. If we have not yet enabled remote request dispatcher on the remote server that includes the resource to include, see article, Configure web applications to service remote includes.
Remote request dispatcher
Configure web applications to service remote includes
Task overview: Assembling applications using remote request dispatcher


Remote dispatcher property settings


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