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The Search application uses a Lucene 2.4.0 index, supplemented by social facet information. The location of the Search index is mapped to an IBM WAS variable, SEARCH_INDEX_DIR. The value of this variable is set to <CONNECTIONS_DATA_DIRECTORY>/search/index by default.

The index is generated by retrieving all the necessary information from each IBM Connections application on an administrator-defined schedule. Each task defines which applications to crawl and whether to optimize the index at the end of the task. The following applications can be indexed: Activities, Blogs, Bookmarks, Communities, Files, Forums, Profiles, and Wikis.

Search uses the WAS scheduling service for creating and updating the Search index. The scheduling service is based on the Cron calendar, which uses predefined date algorithms to determine when a task should run. While the scheduling service supports the use of a Simple calendar, this is not currently supported for IBM Connections. For more information about the WAS scheduler, see Scheduling tasks.

IBM Connections applications maintain delete and access-control update information for a maximum of 30 days. If indexing is not performed on an index for 30 days, that index is considered to be out-of-date and reindexing is necessary. You must delete and recreate the index to ensure data integrity.

As the information is retrieved from each application, it is written into a temporary index. Saving the information to a temporary index allows the existing copy to be maintained in an unmodified state in the event that a failure occurs during the indexing process. After each of the applications listed in the task definition has been crawled, the consolidation of social information takes place and the temporary index is merged into the main index.

Note: When indexing on a Microsoft™ Windows™ 2008 deployment, you might get the following error: Access is denied. This error is caused by an underlying Lucene issue and prevents the index from being updated. To resolve the problem, restart all the machines in the cluster.

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