Activities overviews, how-tos, and FAQs 

For additional information, review the About page by clicking the About link from the product footer. Click the Question mark icon used in the product to display pop-up help icons displayed in the Activities application to get help on a particular feature or click here to view a demo video.

Welcome to Activities

What's new in Activities?

Frequently asked questions in Activities

What is an activity?

Opening an activity

Starting an activity

Finding activities

What does a text search return in Activities?

Search activities

Find a person's activities or entries

Filtering activities and entries by tag

Subscribing to a feed

Follow activities

Working with activities

Getting a list of to-do items

Exiting an activity

Printing from an activity

Managing activities

Organizing activities by importance

Tuning out of an activity

Managing activities that you own

Add members to a standard activity

Add members to a community activity

Edit an activity

Marking an activity complete

Delete an activity

Edit activity tags

Using activity templates

What is an activity template?

Create an activity template from scratch

Create a template from an activity

Marking activity templates as favorites

Create an activity from a template

Managing activity templates that you own

Delete activity templates

Edit activity templates

Contributing to an activity

You must be an author or owner to contribute to an activity

What is an entry?

How do I add an entry?

Add a to-do entry

Add a comment

Add a bookmark to an activity

Add sections

Add a response to an entry

Create entry templates

Add a custom entry

Add a link to a related activity

Working with entries as a reader

Notifying members about an entry

Getting the web address of an individual entry

Working with entries as an author

What is an entry template?

Copying an entry

Publishing attachments to Lotus Quickr

Managing entries

Only activity owners and the author of the entry can manage an entry.

Moving an entry

Marking an entry private

Delete an entry

Edit entry templates

Edit activity tags

Managing sections

Only the creator of the section can manage a section.

Moving and renaming sections


Membership roles

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