IBM Rational Functional Tester
Version 8.1.1000
IBM Rational Functional Tester API Reference

Project Version 2.3

Package com.rational.test.ft.value

Class Summary
ConstrainedInteger Enforces a range of values within which a particular property (or attribute of a property) can be defined.
DatapoolReference Contains a reference to a column in a datapool associated with a script.
DateWrapper Overlaps the Date properties so that a more interesting toString method can be provided for Date properties.
DPoint The 2 - dimensional point with double x and y co-ordinates
EnumerationType Expresses primimtve values (such as the month in a date) as the logical enumeration types they represent.
ExpandableList Represents an expandable list of names.
FontInfo Provides information about a font.
IndexerInfo Provides information about a TestObject's indexer.
MethodInfo Provides information about a specified method.
NameSet Represents a set of names as a recognition property.
NullObject Presents the useful null object.
NumericRange Serves as a lower and upper boundary for a target value.
Pattern Extended by all pattern classes.
PropertyWeight Determines how important one property is compared to the other properties in a set.
ReadOnlyString Displays an object without allowing modification to the original object in the editor.
RecognitionIndex Adds definition to a simple int value; this is a container class.
RecognitionString Adds definition to a simple String value; this is a container class.
RegularExpression Encapsulates the regular-expression pattern specification and the original value that the pattern replaces.
UnsupportedObject Supports compatibility between different versions of the product.