Functional Tester preferences

You use the Preferences dialog box to customize various aspects of Functional Tester, such as settings for  time options; colors for the Verification Point Editor, the Verification Point Comparator, and the Object Map Editor; highlight color for test objects; operating system; playback; delays; log; playback monitor; ScriptAssure(TM); recorder;  recording monitor; and the workbench.

To display the Rational Functional Tester Preferences page, from the Functional Tester menu, click Window > Preferences and expand Functional Test in the left pane.

To display the Functional Tester ClearCase® Preferences page, from the Functional Tester menu click Window > Preferences, expand Team in the left pane, and click Functional Test.

Use the Functional Tester preferences pages to set options in the following areas:

Editing the Functional Tester preferences pages changes the current user profile only. It does not change settings for all users.

You can change the color settings of information in the Verification Point Editor, Verification Point Comparator, and Object Map. Functional Tester changes the color of elements in the editor. You can also change the fonts for information in the .NET IDE. The colors and fonts feature is useful for enhancing the accessibility for people who have physical challenges, such as restricted mobility or limited vision. For more information, see the Colors Page.

Some Functional Tester, Java Scripting preferences and Functional Tester, VB.NET Scripting options are shared by both IDEs. For example, if you turn a preference on or off in one IDE, the same behavior occurs in the other IDE.


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