Workbench Advanced Preferences for Functional Tester page

This Advanced page enables you to set advanced Workbench preferences for Functional Tester, such as switching to the Test Debug perspective rather than the Functional Tester perspective when debugging or turning on or off a message when the TestManager log cannot be accessed.

The Advanced page has the following controls:

Switch to Test Debug Perspective when debugging -- When selected, Functional Tester switches to the Test Debug perspective when you select Script > Debug. When cleared, Functional Tester continues to display the Functional Tester perspective while the script runs in debug mode.

Don't show warning message when TestManager log cannot be used -- When selected, Functional Tester does not display a message when the log type is TestManager and you cannot log into TestManager. When cleared, Functional Tester displays a message in that situation. See About Logs and the Logging Preferences Page for more information. See the note about TestManager at the end of this topic.

Restore Defaults -- Restores all the default values on this page.

Apply -- Saves the edits you made without closing the Preferences dialog box.

To open: Click Window > Preferences. In the left pane expand Functional Tester > Workbench, and click Advanced.

Note About TestManager Integration: Functional Tester is integrated with Rational TestManager version 7.0.2. If you have the 7.0.2 version of TestManager, you will be able to use the integrated features of Functional Tester and TestManager.


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