Logging page

You use the Logging page to set log and comparator options, such as preventing the script launch wizard from displaying on playback, displaying the log viewer after playback, and displaying a message before overwriting an existing log. You also use this page to indicate the type of log generated.

The Logging page contains the following options:

Don't show script launch wizard -- Prevents the script launch wizard from displaying each time you play back a script.

Display log viewer after script playback -- When selected, displays the log after you play back a script. If your log type is TestManager, the Test Log window of TestManager displays the log. If the log type is HTML, the log opens in your default browser. If Text, the log opens in the Script Window of Functional Tester. If XML, the log opens in your default browser.

Prompt before overwriting an existing log -- When selected, prompts you before you overwrite a log.

Log a screen snapshot when playback fails -- When selected, takes a screen snapshot at the time of the failure and stores it in the log. Clear checkbox to save storage space (172 KB per snapshot). Not supported in TestManager log type.

Log type -- Indicates the type of log Functional Tester generates to write results of script playback. The Rational TestManager log window is the default if TestManager is installed. If Functional Tester is not connected to TestManager, Functional Tester creates an HTML log by default. Log types include:

You must use the Rational Administrator to give write privileges that allow Functional Tester users to run Functional Test scripts and manage and view Functional Tester logs from TestManager. If you do not give write privileges to the appropriate Functional Tester users, TestManager does not create a log or play back the Functional Tester script. For information about privileges and the Test Group dialog box, see the Rational Administrator Help.

Use Default -- Clear the check box to change the value in the Log type field. Select the check box to restore the default value.

Restore Defaults -- Restores the default values on this page.

Apply -- Saves your changes without closing the dialog box.

Click Window > Preferences. In the left pane, expand Functional Test and click Logging.

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