1. WAS v9.0.x
  2. WAS v8.5.5 *
  3. Liberty Base *
  4. WAS Liberty Core *
  5. WAS v8.5 *
  6. WAS v8.0
  7. WAS v7.0
  8. WAS v6.1
  9. WAS v6.0
  10. WAS v5.1
  11. Download documentation
  12. Apache Tomcat v10
  13. jBoss 7.3

Web server

  1. IHS v9
  2. IHS v7
  3. Apache v2.4
  4. Apache v2.0
  5. IIS web server

Digital Experience

  1. HCL 9.5 (*)
  2. WebSphere Portal v8.5
  3. WebSphere Portal v8.0
  4. WebSphere Portal v7.0
  5. WebSphere Portal v6.1.5
  6. WebSphere Portal v6.1
  7. WebSphere Portal v6.0
  8. WebSphere Portal v5.1


  1. Oracle
  2. DB2
  3. SQL Server

Web development

  1. CSS
  2. HTML5
  3. Tags
  4. jQuery *
  5. Python
  6. PHP
  7. Shell Scripts
  8. Perl


  1. Ansible
  2. Jenkins
  3. Apache Ant
  4. Apache Maven
  5. Terraform
  6. Selenium
  7. Git
  8. Bamboo
  9. Puppet
  10. Salt
  11. Chef
  12. Interview


  1. Kubernetes
  2. OpenShift 4.x
  3. IBM Cloud


  1. Notes
  2. sed
  3. awk
  4. rsync
  5. SSH password-less login
  6. SSH tunneling


  1. MQ v9.2
  2. MQ v9.1
  3. MQ v9.0
  4. MQ v7.5
  5. MQ v6
  6. Download documentation

IBM eXtreme Scale

  1. eXtreme Scale v8.6
  2. XC10 v2.1
  3. Installation Manager v1.4
  4. eXtreme Scale v7.1
  5. eXtreme Scale v7.0
  6. WebSphere XD v6.0


  1. IBM BPM v8.5
  2. IBM BPM v8.0
  3. WebSphere Lombardi v7.2
  4. ODM v8.5
  5. ODM v8.0.1

WebSphere Commerce

  1. HCL Commerce v9.1
  2. WebSphere Commerce v9.0
  3. WebSphere Commerce v7.0
  4. WebSphere Commerce v6.0


  1. HCL Connections v6.5
  2. Connections v5.0
  3. Connections v4.5
  4. Connections v4.0
  5. Connections v3.0
  6. Connections v2.5

IBM MobileFirst

  1. MobileFirst v8
  2. MobileFirst v7
  3. MobileFirst v6.3 (*)
  4. Worklight v5


  1. Rational Application Developer v97
  2. Rational Performance Tester v8.5
  3. Rational Performance Tester v8
  4. Rational Performance Tester v7
  5. Rational Functional Tester v8
  6. NeoLoad


  2. Networking summary
  3. F5 BIG-IP
  4. eBook
  5. Multicast
  6. snort
  7. lsof

IBM Resources

  1. IBM Support Forums
  2. developerWorks
  3. IBM MediaCenter
  4. IBM Community
  5. IBM Middleware Community
  6. IBM Cloud Service Portal
  8. Redbooks
  9. Certifications


  1. Introduction
  2. Hyperledger
  3. Hyperledger github
  4. Developer tutorial
  5. Blockchain Business Network

IBM Tivoli

  1. Tivoli Monitoring v6.3
  2. ITCAM for Applications v7.1
  3. ITCAM v6.1
  4. ITCAM for WAS v7.2
  5. Directory Integrator v7.1
  6. Tivoi Monitoring (Infocenter)


  1. WebLogic v10.3
  2. WebLogic v8.1


  1. Friday Night Poker Party radio


My name is Michael Pareene, and I am the creator of This site represents my notes.

Resume: (HTML/PDF)

JavaScript frameworks

Feb 11, 2021

Good overview of the The 10 most important JavaScript frameworks of the past decade.


Feb 4, 2021

Some WebSEAL notes


Jan 19, 2021

Reviewing interoperation with IBM MQ


Jan 14, 2021

A couple of random tips...

  • To save an html as a PDF and preserve links, open the page with an Opera browser and "Save as PDF".

  • To delete all text between two patterns...

      sed -n '1,/<body>/p;/<h1/,$p' $i

What type of cloud to choose

Dec 18, 2020

Public, Private, Hybrid, Multicloud, Distributed Cloud - Which one is right for you?

Configure traditional WAS on OpenShift

November 26, 2020

For info on how to move WebSphere ND to cloud, see: Cloud Pak for Applications: Operational Modernization Solution. Also see, tutorial on how to Configure traditional WebSphere session persistence on OpenShift. Here are steps to create customized, curated container images of both traditional WebSphere Application Server (tWAS).

Azure Red Hat OpenShift

November 23, 2020

Here is a comprehensive set of examples for implementing Azure Red Hat OpenShift leveraging WebSphere Liberty.

Highest paying certs

November 16, 2020

According to Forbes, the current highest-paying certifications are Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, CISM – Certified Information Security Manager and AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

WebSphere Application Server on Cloud

October 10, 2020

IBM is splitting it’s Global Services division into a new company in order to concentrate on Cloud.  It appears WebSphere Application Server is considered as part of their Cloud offerings:  

IBM’s detailed documentation on Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud has lots of practical examples and inline links.  

Agile notes

October 2, 2020

Reading Kurt Cagle’s article Beyond Agile: The Studio Model

One significant flaw in Agile is that it is programmer-centric and task-oriented. However, a significant portion of any project relies upon existing resources and SMEs who serve to to curate, annotate and document the institutional information that are necessary for projects to succeed. They are the ones that end up documenting code and make information consistent, findable and describable within a common metadata framework. These are ongoing processes, which IMHO have always fallen outside of most Agile frameworks, yet as enterprise consistency becomes an ever larger requirement, the role of librarians and data stewards becomes much more pressing.


Job manager

September 23, 2020

Getting caught up on Job Manager tooling, which lets one asynchronously run WebSphere and host-level jobs on remote servers.  

Performance tuning

September 4, 2020

Here are some notes on a portal performance tuning project I completed a few years ago.  

DB2 notes

August 21, 2020

Some notes on common DB2 database commands.

WebSphere Security Hardening

August 2, 2020

I have posted some notes on a security hardening session.  Notes are specific to WebSphere Portal v8, but are generally applicable to other apps deployed to WAS. 

See WebSphere security hardening

Get cell pid

July 20, 2020

We can display the name of the cell, node, and server in front of the output for the ps -ef command by setting the cell custom property = displayServerInFront

DataPower XI52 in a nutshell

July 16, 2020

The IBM DataPower XI52 appliance provides an ESB backbone that facilitates (brokers) communication between services. Features include…

Protocol virtualization Communication between parties who use different protocols such as http, https, ftp, MQ. ESB bridges (converts) these protocols.
Message format virtualization For example, one party sends XML (SOAP) message, ESB converts to JSON, which is sent to backend.
Endpoint virtualization WSDL services that used to exist on servers can be moved to ESB.
XML attack security Including DoS, MMXDos, and other attacks.
Configuration driven interface Less code to write
XML processing at wire speed. Versus server-based ESB solutions that operate at software speed.

wsadmin script examples

July 3, 2020

Here are some basic wsadmin script examples.

WebSphere Commerce integration with WXS XC10 appliance

July 1, 2020

Here are some project notes created when I was the WebSphere Commerce administrator for a large Fortune 500 retailer.  The notes discuss integrating WebSphere eXtreme Scale DataPower XC10 appliance with WebSphere Commerce.  

Network Sniffer: snort

April 18, 2018

If you need a quick and easy network sniffer give snort a try.

Logon and remote execution without using passwords.

March 5, 2018

We can leverage SSH public-key authentication between hosts to enable all sorts of useful functionality, including…

  • Password-less login from HostA to HostB
  • Ability to execute remote commands from HostA on HostB
  • We can automatically administer an entire network of servers from a central server

I once set up a large WebSphere Commerce site for a Fortune 500 retailer that used this procedure to remotely execute various commands, including stopping/starting, and generating reports for, eXtreme Scale caching.